Walt Blackman on CRT: “We are being slaughtered every single day”

Walt Blackman on CRT: “We are being slaughtered every single day”

In case you missed it, Republican Arizona State Representative Walt Blackman delivered a passionate speech tonight explaining his vote on a bill to stop critical race theory from being taught in K-12 schools, colleges and universities. Blackman served 7 tours of duty in active combat and is a candidate for Congress in Arizona’s 2nd District.

Video of Blackman’s comments can be viewed by clicking HERE

Below is a rushed transcript of Blackman’s speech:

When I’m looking at this and I’m hearing the CRT argument and whether it should be taught or not, my issue is that the whole truth doesn’t come out. It just doesn’t. 

We want to talk about part of the history. 

We want to put people in boxes and categories to make them feel bad or guilty about something they had nothing to do with. 

There’s not one person in here who owned a bunch of slaves. 

There’s not one person in here who was a slave. Is a conversation needed? 


But let’s peel back the union and really talk about this. 

If we want to talk about racism, we need to really talk about it. 

If we want to talk about oppression of a people, let’s really talk about that. 

Let’s talk about the 1,300 black babies that are aborted every single day. 

But nobody wants to have those types of discussions.  

We want talk about CRT and make us feel good about things. 

There are more black babies aborted than they are born but we’re not talking about that. 

You want to talk about CRT. 

There are some real issues going on in in black communities and the very people that want to push this are the ones who are killing us every day or support those programs that are killing us. 

So, if we want to have conversations about this type of stuff, let’s talk about some real issues in the black community because we are being slaughtered every single day.


Learn more about Walt Blackman’s campaign for Arizona’s 2nd District at www.BlackmanForCongress.com.


Walt Blackman is a combat veteran who served in the United States Army for nearly 22 years as a Front Line Tank Commander and Sexual Harassment and Assault Prevention Senior Program Manager Specialist. He earned a Bronze Star for combat action in Iraq as well as a Meritorious Service Medal. He served seven tours of duty in some of the most dangerous battlefields on Earth, including Kosovo, Afghanistan, and Iraq, where he fought in the Second Battle of Fallujah, the bloodiest battle in the Iraq War.