Walt Blackman Wins Yavapai County GOP Straw Poll

Walt Blackman Wins Yavapai County GOP Straw Poll

Over the weekend, Walt Blackman continued gaining grassroots momentum in the Republican primary for Arizona’s 2nd District by blowing out his opponents in a Yavapai County Republican Committee Straw Poll. Yavapai County is the largest county in AZ-02 comprising 29.7% of the district.

Republican attendees were asked following a candidate’s forum, “If the election were held today, who would you vote for?” 

The results are as follows:

  • Walt Blackman: 50%
  • Andy Yates: 19%
  • Eli Crane: 9%
  • Mark Deluzio: 9%
  • Myron Lizer: 5%
  • Steve Krystofiak: 4%
  • John Moore: 3%
  • Ron Watkins: 1%

This is the latest surge of momentum for Walt Blackman, who has gained considerable attention following his passionate floor speech in the Arizona House of Representatives in support of banning the teaching of Critical Race Theory in Arizona classrooms.