Below is a statement from AZ-02 candidate Walt Blackman in response to the racially charged attacks against him and his family.

“It is illogical and crazy to think I would send this vile text message to my daughter or know anything about it. I have been in contact with the state police who are investigating the origin of these messages. While their investigation is ongoing, they have determined that the text messages did not in any way, shape or form originate with my cell phone. This is what happens when your opponents can’t run a campaign on the issues, they resort to disgusting smear attacks with a word that has no place in our Republican Party or society in general.”
-Walt Blackman, Candidate for Arizona’s 2nd District.


Over the past week, Walt Blackman and his family have been the subject of a racially charged smear campaign originating with fake news website, The Gateway Pundit. It started after questions arose as to whether Walt could decertify the election in his role as a state representative.  It began on Friday, January 28, 2020 when Walt’s daughter received the following text message from (270) 229-6513:

Following that text, Gateway Pundit’s Jordan Conradson filmed a video of himself calling the number and seemingly ringing Walt’s cell phone.  Jordan then accused Walt of sending the message: “So, it appears that Walt Blackman sent his own daughter a text that said ‘Your n-word dad is a RINO.’ I can’t believe they would do this.”

But on Friday, the Blackman campaign filmed a video calling the phone number, which was disconnected.  In the same video, the campaign calls Walt’s cell phone, which is a different number.

Because of the fake story published in The Gateway Pundit, local conservative radio shows and Walt’s opponent are now repeating the claim on their radio show saying the calls “came from Walt’s cell phone.”

This is what happens when you take on the establishment on the left and the right, they come after you personally. And it is truly a shame.